Report #28

1. Colon and liver health 
2. Dental amalgam 
3. Parasite cleansing 
4. Lymphatic drainage 
5. Chelation therapy

COLON THERAPY may be an essential part of a cancer treatment. When the immune system is compromised, the first and easiest step in detoxifying the body is through colonic treatment. This liberates the body from toxic waste without putting any extra burden on the liver. Holistic practitioners are well aware of this. What we wish to add is that it is important for the patient to find a colon therapist who is operating in a hygienic environment, because the fecal waste removed from one patient may infect another through an infected equipment. 

LIVER HEALTH. It is vitally important to strengthen the liver before any steps are taken to weaken or eliminate tumors, otherwise an overflow of toxic debris can induce toxic shock in the patient.  Your alternative/holistic physician is well aware of this, and will advise you accordingly.

DENTAL AMALGAM. During the past few years a large number of dentists began to practice biological dentistry, which includes the removal of mercury fillings. The process of removal is a sensitive one, and doing it the wrong way and in the wrong sequence can do more harm than good. The dentist must be trained in the procedure. This is a fairly expensive treatment, and for someone in a weak condition can be an exhausting undertaking. Electrodermal, kinesiology, or other laboratory tests can determine if there is mercury poisoning present. If this is the case, removal of the fillings is imperative. If this is simply not possible under the circumstances, and mercury poisoning has been definitely detected, the removal of one or several teeth should be discussed with your doctor.

PARASITE CLEANSING. According to experts, just about every cancer patient is infected with parasites. The thing to consider here is that some of the anti-cancer agents listed in our reports will also eliminate the parasites in the body. Others will not. Unfortunately, the herbal formulations specially designed to kill or drive out parasites from the body, like the Hulda Clark formula, can be quite hard on a weakened patient. Colonics could be the first step in a gentle parasite cleansing program. Ozonated water, both for drinking and for colema treatments, and lymphic massage will also help. Naturopathic and homeopathic doctors are trained in the use of herbal and homeopathic remedies that have anti-parasite effects. Practitioners who have no experience in this area, should consult with others who have. 

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE. Whenever a cancer patient has access to lymphatic drainage treatments, whether given manually or with a device, such treatments should be a regular feature of the cancer therapy. The general benefits include detoxification, strengthening of the liver and the kidneys, improved blood circulation, accelerated parasite cleansing, and improved quality of life for the patient.  Your alternative practitioner, or your consulting doctor will be able to advise you on this matter. 

CHELATION THERAPY. If the patient suffers from serious circulatory problems, or from metal contamination, chelation may be beneficial as part of the whole treatment strategy. It is a little known fact that EDTA chelation greatly enhances the immune system; according to decades of statistical evidence, patients who are cancer-free and undergo chelation, show 90% reduction in developing cancer later in life. Nevertheless, it is the doctor who has to evaluate the need for chelation in each individual case, as it is still another therapeutic procedure for the patient to endure. 


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