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Cantron & Protocel

Liquid Electrolyte Formulas 

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"... one of the simplest and most effective anti-cancer medications in the alternative/holistic field ... "

Both Cantron and Protocel are products that have been developed from a much earlier substance, marketed decades ago under the names of Entelev and Cancell. Below you will find the description of both products. Most of the information is quoted from the distributors' own websites. If you wish to know more about the original formula, please go to


Cantron is a formulation of minerals and other substances that are designed for their electrical, not chemical, properties. It is possibly one of the simplest and most effective anti-cancer medications in the alternative/ holistic field. It has been developed in the US by a research scientist who was a chemist and cancer researcher. It underwent substantial animal testing, and has been used by thousands of people. It is entirely non-toxic, and has no side effects, although some users report a little tiredness for the first 2-3 days. Mainstream medicine completely ignores this product, but the physicians who worked with it or observed its effects on their patients, take this substance very seriously.  It is distributed by a Florida-based company to many countries in the world. 

Here are some excerpts from the distributor's literature ( 

CANTRON is offered as a dietary supplement.  It is an electrolyte formula.


High doses of vitamins C, E and the mineral selenium should not be taken while taking CANTRON because they will conflict.  CANTRON serves to lower the voltage of the cells and balance the body's bioelectric dynamics which may aid the body's natural elimination of mutant cells. These supplements oppose the desired result by raising cellular voltage. It is alright, however, to obtain nutrients through food sources. What you need to avoid is mega doses of these substances which you will receive from concentrated food supplements. There are many herbs that are reported to be beneficial to a wellness program such as Cat's Claw, Essiac, Milk Thistle etc., however, there is no way for us to know whether these herbs will conflict with the bioelectrical chemistry of CANTRON.  Therefore, we advise that you do not take any other herbs or supplements that are not listed in our Total Wellness Program. This is a very comprehensive program which includes many supplements and herbs that we know will enhance and optimize the treatment without any conflicts. If you are on medication for diabetes, you must monitor your blood sugar carefully. 

CANTRON was designed to correct the bioelectrical imbalances that cause mutant cells to form and exist.  When the bioelectrical force is successfully shifted back to a normal state, the body is better able to convert these mutant cells into simple proteins. In this state the body's own immune system can self
digest or lyse these proteins and eliminate them through the body's many orifices. The by-product of lysing is a clear egg-white type of substance that is expelled from the nose, mouth, skin or can be found in the stools or urine. 

Please do not ask us (the distributor) to make any medical claims. We cannot disseminate any information that would label our product as a drug, therefore we, as a company, cannot disseminate any scientific research on our product or offer any testimonials.  Sorry, but that is the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Law which we must comply with. 

The following products are recommended to take along with CANTRON in an attempt to achieve Wellness, a state of proper balance in the body whereby illness cannot exist. 

We believe the following additional products are synergistic with CANTRON - and may help balance the body against the ravaging side effects of serious illnesses and invasive drug therapies as well as helping the body to heal itself. 

Many persons have been successful taking the product by itself; however, our experience demonstrates that following the entire program will greatly enhance and optimize your chances of becoming well. Each product may help to correct different specific imbalances caused by genetics, stress, poor nutrition, illness or side effects of drug therapy. 

If you choose not to follow the entire program it is important to take at the very least the enzymes, Pancreatin and Bromelain. If you are diagnosed with a fatal illness and have diminished appetite and severe weight loss it is imperative that you take Hydrazine Sulfate (see product explanation on following pages). 

Our nutritional programs are designed to help the body deal with certain deficiencies and imbalances that occur with certain illnesses. 

Recommending this or any other program for a specific illness is not tantamount to making medical or drug claims. It is just a recommended diet of foods and supplements that may be beneficial in helping the body in dealing with certain diseases in accordance with our Wellness Philosophy. Following our diet program does not guarantee success with any medical condition, that it will reverse any imbalances in the body or that you will achieve the desired state of "Wellness".  It is, however, a program that has been developed based on 20 years of experience in offering Wellness Formulations, as well as conversations with many physicians and scientists around the world. It is, in our opinion, the very best nutritional program available. 


For many years we have been referring people to several different companies to obtain the adjunct products for the Wellness Program. Since it was difficult for our customers to call several different numbers and co-ordinate the ordering of many different products through the mail, we have decided to make them directly available to you as a convenience. 

We have recently reamed how important the enzyme Pancreatin is in our Total Wellness Programs. Since we have added this to our program, the testimonials and glowing reports from users have reached an all-time high.  Several physicians have also reported a synergistic effect between CANTRON and Radiation Therapy. 


Bromelain is an enzyme found in pineapple. This enzyme serves to fight foreign proteins in the system and helps rid the body of lysed proteins (dead cancer cells) that can be unleashed throughout the system when one undergoes a Wellness supplementation program. 


Pancreatin is an enzyme normally secreted by the pancreas. The level of this enzyme has been found to be severely deficient in cancer patients. The pancreatic enzyme may be one of the body's natural defenses against this dread disease. All persons develop cancer cells, but a balanced organism is able to properly deal with and dispose of these mutant cells on a regular basis. It is in the out of balance organism in which cancer has the predisposition to develop. Cancer cells form a protective coating around themselves which allows them to hide out from the immune system. In this state the immune system can not recognize the cancer. The pancreatic enzyme serves to strip the protective coating off of these mutant cells whereby the body's own immune system can now recognize them and go into action to attack and destroy them. 


Although studies have shown mild anti-tumor effects from this product, it is most important in blocking the debilitating side effects of tumors. As many as 50% of cancer and A.l.D.S. patients do not die as a direct result of the disease, but rather of cachexia, a wasting away of the body, which reduces them to skin and bones. This cachexia is caused by a circular process in which mutant cells get their energy from glucose, but metabolize it incompletely, producing lactic acid. This imbalance causes the liver to expend energy to convert the lactic acid back to glucose. The glucose again feeds the cancer cells, which produce more lactic acid, etc. The body's expenditure of energy in this process eventually results in it wasting away. Taking this product might stop weight loss, restore weight gain, restore appetite, reduce pain, and restore the patients feeling of well being. 

Hydrazine Sulfate has four possible roles in a nutritional wellness program for serious illness: 

1. To enable a patient to survive long enough so that conventional therapy or a wellness program can have time to work. 

2. To enable a patient to return to sufficiently good health so the body's natural defenses are restored. 

3. To enable a patient's survival time to be healthier and more pain free. 

4. To enable a patient to survive indefinitely with cancer or other dread diseases present, but fully under control. 

When taking Hydrazine Sulfate you should avoid alcohol, barbiturates and foods containing tyrosinase which is found in bananas and aged cheeses. 


The diet suggestions listed below are recommended to enhance your total wellness program but are not required with CANTRON supplementation. 

A high protein, moderate carbohydrate diet is preferred. This is to help rebuild the body and to grow new healthy cells. 

Stay away from white sugar and white flour. 

Additional supplements that can be taken are vegetable extracts containing broccoli and cabbage or consume the fresh vegetable by steaming them or preparing a vegetable juice. These vegetables have an active ingredient "quersitime" that is believed to cut off the vital sugar supply that cancer cells require. 

Another supplement that can be taken is any substance containing pro- Xeronin factors. This factor is found in whey powder, whole leaf Aloe Vera and Noni juice. These products my be found in your local health food store. 

Fresh wheat grass juice and barley juice are excellent blood and liver purifiers. Wheat grass contains a full spectrum of nutrients including amagymaldin (B-17). Lima Beans also contain this substance and should be consumed. 

End of excerpt.

Here are some links to online video clips about people with cancer talking about Cantron:

For testimonials at the website of Dr. Maras MD, please go to
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Please note: The manufacturer, Medical Research Products, makes no health claims whatsoever in connection with Cantron.



Medical Research Products, 3960 N. W. 167th Street, Miami  Florida 33054 Tel: 800-443-3030  or  305-628-0981

TO OBTAIN INFORMATION: Support group, hundreds of former patients.  Contact person: Charles Miller 517-676-9152 Eastern time zone. Further contacts can be obtained from Mr. Miller.

COST:  approximately $60 for 1-month supply, $190 for 4-month supply of Cantron.  Cost of the rest of the Wellness Program depends on the patient's choices.


According to an Associated Press release in August 2000, entitled, SCIENTISTS WANT OUR BODIES TO FIND AND DEFEAT CANCER CELLS, "Medical scientists now believe that the next generation of 'technologically advanced' medicines will teach the human body to cure its own cancer…rather than poison the body with chemotherapy or burn it with radiation. Scientists envision harnessing the body's built-in surveillance machinery, the immune system. They think they can aim this awesome complex apparatus to hunt down cancer and destroy it. While they believe that they can harness the immune system to destroy diseases other than cancer, as well, cancer is the top killer from which they hope to see much higher recovery rates." (Their latest recovery rate is only about 17%)
Unknowingly these scientists have perfectly described just how an Anaerobic Cellular Reduction Technology formula functions in aiding the body's immune system to bring recovery.
The really good news is that you do not have to wait for the scientific world to catch up. Renewal & Wellness, the makers of Protocel formulas 23 & 50, are offering this type of future breakthrough technology that has been hoped for by medical science, now. Both formulas they produce are a non-toxic, safe, alternate-choice therapy, formulated from natural occurring and synthetic compounds which activate the body's own built-in healing mechanisms. If you are looking for one of the most advanced methods of finding the recovery you seek, without destroying your quality of life by poisoning, burning or surgery, take a close look at what these two unique formulas have to offer.
Anaerobic Cellular Reduction Technology:
Both Protocel formulas 23 and 50 are based on "Anaerobic Cellular Reduction Technology". Many have not heard the term "anaerobic" used before and do not know its meaning. Anaerobic, according to Webster's Contemporary Dictionary, page 25, is "A microorganism which flourishes without air (oxygen)". In other words, a cell that can operate without the use of oxygen. In his research for the book "Body Electric", Dr Robert Becker, M. D., estimates in the body's daily effort to replicate billions of new cells, about 300 are replicated incorrectly and quickly become anaerobic. These are very dangerous cells that must be quickly removed from the body. A fully functional immune system will remove these malformed cells, but how many of us have a fully functional immune response? Cancer and autoimmune diseases look for this type of cell to invade so they can advance their presence in the body. If they have already invaded these cells and are destroying one's overall health, these formulas could aid the immune system by helping create a condition in the cellular structure that allows these unwanted cells to self-destruct, thus helping to restore one's health.
Immune Response Conditioner:
It is difficult to categorize either the Protocel formula 23 or 50 under any standard medical or supplement classification because neither of these are a drug nor are they fully a supplement. They have been labeled a dietary supplement because they come closest to fitting that category. Both would be best described as an " immune response conditioner" because a condition is created in the cellular structure that allows anaerobic cells to self-destruct. Here is how these formulas allow this to happen. Human energy is created in the cells of our body by microscopic structures called mitochondria. Mitochondria produce a substance called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is in fact the fuel that drives the body. Each formula introduces modest interference in the production of ATP in the cell which controls the amount of voltage each cell will generate. The presence of either formula deprives the cell of 15- 20% of its voltage. This voltage drop does not in any way harm healthy cells, but, due to the lack of cellular voltage, the components of an anaerobic cell cannot remain cohesive, and the self-destruction process begins. The immune system then sends monocyte and macrophage cells to remove it as waste. Formula 23 works best in aiding the immune response for brain tumors, prostate health, rheumatoid arthritis, mononucleosis, Epstein Barr, fibromyalgia and MS. Also, in cases where the liver is no longer able to adequately process the cellular waste, the Protocel formula 23 is recommended. The Protocel formula 50 works best in aiding the immune response for all other conditions not stated above, where unhealthy anaerobic cells are presently doing damage to the body.

According to patients' and doctors' testimonials, Protocel is a powerful anti-cancer formula, based on similar principles as Cantron. To order:
Cost: approx. $120 for 2-month supply. Price varies with different distributors.
For recovery audio clips, and for a book on Protocel, go to:

What does the above information mean to the cancer patient?

When it comes to the evaluation of such products, one must keep in mind certain basic principles. What do we expect from these anti-cancer substances?

If the goal is to kill cancer cells and save the patient's life, these products have an excellent track record, although they should be combined with other supplements, recommended by the vendors.

If the goal is long-range survival, that is, total elimination of the cancer, the picture changes dramatically. This doesn't only apply to Cantron or Protocel, it is true for any cancer protocol in existence. What happens in a large percentage of cancer cases after remission has been achieved, and the clinical symptoms have disappeared? Within a shorter or longer period of time, the cancer returns with a vengeance. Why?

Because killing cancer is not curing cancer. There are several cancer clinics in Mexico, for example, where the most avant-garde, most advanced methods are used to kill cancer, and they are very successful in doing that. Then, the patient returns home, clinical tests come up negative, yet a year or two later the cancer is all over the body, and the patient dies. What went wrong?

There is no cancer protocol on earth that is able to guarantee the total elimination of all the cancer in the organism, the killing of each and every cancerous cell. One single cell, or a very small group of surviving cells will eventually develop again into a raging disease, which, the second time, will be faster, more aggressive, and much more resistant. It may take one year, two years, five years for the cancer to reappear, depending on several factors , but reappear it will. Unless ...

Unless the treatment strategy goes far beyond killing cancer cells. Does that mean that once someone is diagnosed with cancer, he/she is sentenced to death?

Absolutely not! What it means is that over and beyond killing cancer cells, the body's metabolism, or what holistic doctors call the "cancer physiology" also must be changed around. This is the area where your medical doctor and your oncologist will refuse to enter with you. You need a naturopathic doctor, or a qualified nutritionist who is experienced in cancer cases. Once you've succeeded in eliminating most of your cancer cells or tumors, your major concerns will be the following:

  • diet and life-style changes, to deny the cancer the kind of inner terrain where it can survive
  • building and strengthening your immune system with the help of nutrition and supplements
  • continue, on a "maintainance" level, your anti-cancer protocol
  • keeping a close eye on the possible emergence of new cancer cells, by using precise monitoring methods
In other words, you will ensure that your immune system, and your inner environment are able to prevent any further cancerous development. In case your system is not able to prevent the formation of new cancer cells, careful monitoring will reveal the process at a very early stage, when it is still easy to deal with it.

Are there cases of long-term survival with the above products? Of course there are. Unfortunately, there are also cases where the patients did not survive, despite of spectacular early results. The conclusion is this: Neither Cantron, not Protocel, nor any other cancer killing protocol is a cure. To cure cancer, you begin by eliminating as much of the cancer as possible without harming your body. Once this has been accomplished, your long term strategy must kick in, dealing with the potential come-back of the diease at a metabolic level. Please remember: Cancer starts with one single cell, or with a very small group of abnormal cells. It is enough for literally one single cancer cell to survive the treatment in order to develop again into a full-blown disease.

This is why excellent treatments with great results often fail to provide long term survival.

Don't ask yourself the question: Is this treatment going to cure me? Is it going to eliminate, once and for all, the cancer? What has to be asked is this, is the treatment going to eliminate most of the cancer, so that I can concentrate on building up my metabolic environment, including my immune system, to a level where it can deal with the disease at its earliest stage.

The cancer killing stage is where you send in the marines. Next comes the consolidation of your gains, where you take full control of the situation. If that is not done, the marines fought in vain; they have only delayed the outcome.

This is a vitally important principle, and it applies to every cancer protocol in existence, including those that are described on this website.

For further info on how to catch a recurrence at its earlier stage, and how to deal with it (early detection and early elimination), pleas read Long Term Survival.