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This is a natural food supplement derived from a specially fermented wheat germ developed in Hungary . Avemar's many benefits apply to numerous types of cancer. Clinical trials have shown Avemar reduces cachexia (condition of weight loss and wasting seen in cancer patients), it inhibits glucose metabolism in cancer cells (depriving them of their energy), it strongly stimulates the immune system and inhibits spread of cancer cells (metastasis).  Avemar is also very powerful in restoring red blood cell production in bone marrow following radiation & chemotherapy.
A new medication has been developed in Hungary that proves to be one of the most powerful anti-cancer substances known to mankind. It is called Avemar, and it has been recently officially approved by the Hungarian government, to be used against all cancers. It is available in drugstores and pharmacies everywhere in Hungary, and it is a treatment prescribed by Hungarian oncologists. In the summer of 2006 it became available to US customers through several distributors.

What makes this not only unusual, but absolutely unique is the fact that Avemar is a natural food product (nutrient), entirely non-toxic, with no side effects whatsoever. Yet, it has been recognized as an anti-cancer medication by such orthodox medical authorities as the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, the British Journal of Cancer, the Lancet, etc. (Read the Sloan-Kettering article)

AVEMAR (known in USA under the brand name AVE) is recommended for patients suffering from malignant tumors or leukemia. It is the product of industrial fermentation of wheat germ, possessing unique cancer-fighting characteristics. Taken orally, Avemar can inhibit metastatic tumor dissemination and proliferation. Since 1992, successful animal and human clinical trials have been carried out with a large number of patients, proving the safety and efficacy of this gentle but powerful formula.

Hundreds of scientific papers have been published on Avemar around the world. Here is a list of 47 PDF documents translated in English. (Click here) To read 3 more articles published in cancer research and oncology journals, please click here. For the brief history of Avemar research, click here. Further human and animal trials at: Abstract on leukemia:

Here is a press release from the makers of Avemar:
The Hungarian invention has opened a new chapter in cancer treatment and patients were given new hope.

In 2003, the opinion leader British Journal of Cancer published the outstanding results of clinical research relating to Avemar.

The anticancer product featured in a report by the American television network CNN is already available in many countries. According to experts, the product, which is used in cancer therapy, can prove to be a new weapon in the fight against cancer, as, when administered in combination with traditional oncological therapies (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy), it improves the quality of life of patients suffering from malignant tumours and prolongs survival time. This potential is further strengthened by the fact that the product is based on natural ingredients which have no side effects and can be easily administered. In Hungary, where the product was conceived, the mortality rate of cancer, which had been on the rise for decades, began declining after its introduction and in the wake of its increasingly wide-spread use. Such mortality rate continue to rise in all Hungary's neighboring countries. Researchers and oncologists from points all around the globe, including UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles), the Universities of Sheffield and Barcelona, Israeli clinics, the University of Tel Aviv, the Blokhin Oncological Centre in Moscow and the University of Genoa - some 20 countries in all - joined in the research.

Reminder: The Hungarian medical authorities also registered Avemar as medical nutriment for cancer patients on 1 July 2002 with the following approved label: 'Indications: Avemar is recommended for use by patients suffering from cancer as a supplement to clinical oncological treatments (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, etc.' These results are the fruit of many years' work by research groups in Britain, the United States, Israel, Spain, Italy, Russia and, last but not least, Hungary. The credibility of their claims is assured by the numerous publications concerning the product which have appeared in international journals.

After Avemar's registration in 2002, it was not long before the Czech medical authorities also registered it as a medical nutriment for cancer patients. Soon after this, the Bulgarian authorities also registered and approved Avemar as a medical nutriment for cancer patients. In Australia, the product falls into the category of therapeutic products for use in immunomodulant therapy, while, in Austria, it is already paid for entirely by the National Health service.

In 2002, the American CNN television news network made its first report about the results of the Avemar Program under the heading 'Cancer research in Hungary has reached a turning point.'

Also in 2002, American and Spanish researchers published a large-scale article in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, the authoritative journal for molecular biology, in which they exposed the causes behind one of the key factors contributing to Avemar's effect mechanism. As they explained it, Avemar has a direct influence on the metabolism of tumour cells which prevents the cancer cells from reproducing themselves and from carrying out the all-important DNA synthesis. As a result, the tumour does not develop further and the cancer cells, owing to Avemar's effect in other areas, die off, either on their own or under the influence of the body's cancer-killing mechanisms.

In 2003, the opinion leader British Journal of Cancer (the official oncological journal in Britain and one of the authorities on clinical oncology) published the outstanding results of clinical research relating to Avemar. This was the first article concerning the results of clinical tests undertaken in Hungary by Hungarians published in the journal since its foundation. The most interesting results published in the journal, which many consider to be the leading formulator of opinion concerning cancer therapy, are often at the centre of international press attention.

The doctors performing the research gave an account of the newest results at the symposium organised as part of the Hungarian Oncological Society's 25th jubilee congress in November 2003, referring back to their first communication five years previously. At the press conference held at the congress, both the Society's president and secretary confirmed before journalists that Avemar's efficacy has been proven. This fact is further supported by the test carried out in Moscow by Russian researchers on advanced-stage melanoma patients. The test demonstrated that, among patients with melanoma, those who took Avemar had a significantly longer progression- and metastasis-free survival period than those in the control group.

The report given by the American CNN television news network is a shining example of the attention paid the subject by the international press.

In the report, Prof. Ferenc Jakab, the department director and chief physician at the Uzsoki Street Hospital in Budapest, discussing a test performed at the hospital, again emphasised that significant differences can be observed in patients undergoing treatment which includes Avemar when compared with those who do not receive Avemar.
(176 patients suffering from colorectal cancer took part in the test, most of which were at stages 3 and 4. The average follow-up period was 18.3 months. At the beginning of the test, the global prognosis for the Avemar group was significantly worse than that for the control group. The conclusions of the test were that, when combined with surgery, radio- or chemotherapy, Avemar was able to reduce significantly the formation of metastases and lengthen survival time in colorectal cancer patients.) Prof. Miklós Kásler, director general of the National Oncological Institute, said, "It is not a dietary supplement, but it is a very important new treatment, registered for cancer treatment."

In Europe (including in Hungary), Avemar is currently the only non-prescription product with an officially approved label available on the market specifically for cancer patients. Avemar is the first product developed by Hungarians with both recommended and recognised oncological indications to have been registered in Hungary for several decades.


What does it do?

Avemar is a fermented wheat germ extract standardized to methoxy-substituted benzoquinones. It has beneficial effects on the immune system, especially an aging one, and has lethal effects against cancer cells .
In the immune system Avemar promotes immune system modulation, maintains healthy cellular and humoral (Th1/Th2) immune balance and promotes optimal NK cell targeting ability and the coordinated response of macrophages, B-cells, and T-cells. Because it normalizes an immune system it is useful for preventing infections, for example in cancer therapy. Children, for example, can receive more chemotherapy with Avemar since they are less likely to experience an infection and fever. This febrile neutropenia was reduced by 42% in children given Avemar.

For abnormal cells this means that Avemar has several weapons. Healthy cells exhibit a surface molecule called MHC-1 that tells natural killer cells (NK) not to attack. Viral infected cells don’t have this so they are attacked and destroyed by these NK cells. Cancer cells often do exhibit this molecule, though, so the immune system leaves them alone. Avemar suppresses the ability of cancer cells to do this.

Cancer cells live on glucose or blood sugar. They consume it at from 10 to 50 times the rate of normal cells. This is one reason why cancer victims tend to starve internally and lose weight. The cancer cells are eating their lunch. Avemar inhibits glucose metabolism. The more glucose a cell needs the more Avemar prevents it from getting it. Normal cells don’t need much but cancer cells, especially fast growing, metastatic ones, are starved by Avemar.

Avemar has another weapon. It prevents cancer cells from repairing themselves. In their haste to reproduce, cancer cells make a lot of mistakes. To repair them they use an enzyme called poly-ADP-ribose or PARP. Without the PARP another enzyme called caspase-3 tells the cell to self-destruct. Avemar inhibits the production of PARP and speeds up the production of caspase-3. Avemar reduces cancer cell RNA and DNA production but increases normal cell RNA and DNA production.

In clinical practice the results are impressive. Over 100 studies have been done on Avemar. In one controlled study 170 subjects with colorectal cancer were given the standard treatment of surgery and chemotherapy. 17% of the controls had a recurrence versus only 3% of those given Avemar. The Avemar group had 67% fewer metastases and a 62% reduction in deaths.

Another study of 46 stage III conventionally treated melanoma patients showed a 50% reduction in risk of progression with Avemar.

In yet another study of 43 patients with conventionally treated oral cancer, the Avemar group showed an 85% reduced risk of overall progression. Only 4.5% of the Avemar group experienced a local recurrence versus 57% of the standard care group.

In every study Avemar reduced the frequency and severity of such effects as nausea and vomiting, fatigue, weight loss, and immune suppression. Rather than increasing side effects, it reduced them. As one scientist said, it is as toxic as sliced bread.

It may take Avemar as long as three months to exhibit objective signs of improvement though subjective effects may be experienced within three weeks.

What does all this mean to the cancer patient?

It means that a new, powerful tool became accessible to strengthen the available non-toxic anti-cancer treatment combinations. Yet in all the articles, published by orthodox mainstream medicine, it is carefully emphasized that Avemar should always be used as a treatment supplemental to chemotherapy and radiation. This is not at all supported by the published results of the clinical trials. If one reads carefully the scientific papers, it soon becomes clear that Avemar's anti-tumor and anti-metastasis capabilities do not depend, to any degree, on being supported by chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Quite the opposite. It can be strongly argued that such toxic treatments will neutralize the beneficial effects of Avemar. Of course, the new product had to play a submissive role to the official toxic protocols in order to be accepted by the medical establishment.

Avemar represents a huge advance in the fight against cancer, but it is not a panacea. It is not a silver bullet against cancer; it must be used in combination with other powerful, safe, and non-toxic treatments.

What is in Avemar?

Dried, fermented wheat germ extract (63,2%), maltodextrine, fructose, silicium-dioxide (to prevent adherence), natural orange aroma, sodium chloride. To reach appropriate microbiological purity, Avemar is treated with ionizing energy.

Preparation of a single dose: Take 1 sachet (17g) of Avemar in a glass. Fill up with 200 ml cold water, stir well, then drink liquid. Solution which was not consumed within a half hour period after preparation should not be used later!

For patients of average weight 60-70kg (150 lbs.) a single dose (17g) of Avemar should be taken once a day, prepared as instructed, if possible approximately 1 hour before a meal. For patients weighing more than 90 kg (200 lbs.) the product should be taken twice daily. Taking one dose (17g) before breakfast and another dose (17g) before supper is recommended. The product may be taken with a cold soft drink or non-carbonated mineral water which does not contain vitamin C (ascorbic acid or E 300).

Cost (approximately, slight variations per distributor):
30 packets x 17g = USD 139.

Over 80 degrees the temperature is harmful to Avemar. Shipping must be quick and specially packed.

Where to buy it:

As Avemar becomes more widely known, more distributors will market it. Always check out the shipping method. Ideally, Avemar should be shipped in a special cold pack, and as quickly as possible.